Roof paramedics guarantees the following for roof restoration for 10 years

  1. Materials used will not crack, peel or flake.
  2. Material used will not separate from the substrate they are applied to.
  3. Materials used shall not substantially change in colour.
  4. Any damage to your home, whether related or unrelated to the works performed on your roof, if proven with clear evidence to be as a result of our works, will be repaired free of charge.
  5. Pre-existing leaks that we engaged to fix as part of the origal contract or work order will remain waterproof or will be fixed free of charge should they reoccur.
  6. This warranty is transferable to any future owner of the property provided ‘Roof paramedics’ is notified in writing no longer than 90 days after the title transfer.
  7. Manufacturer warranty on roof coating products, and painting.
  8. Manufacturer warranty on guttering products including gutter guards
  9. Materials used will not rust.
  10. This warranty covers the specific works performed by ‘Roof paramedics’ only.