Metal Roof Restoration

Dealing with leaks in your commercial metal roof? Repair them with a high-performance metal roof coating system.

Color Bond Roof Restoration

No need to replace your Colorbond Roof, our team provide quality Colorbond Roof Restoration Services, your roof will look like new!

Cement Roof Restoration

cement tile roof restoration from Modern is an effective way to transform the appearance of your existing cement roof tiles and help reflect heat away

Terra-cotta Roof Restoration

Terracotta Roof Restorations by Roof Paramedics. We’re experts in our field and deliver quality Roof Restoration Services to our clients

Driveway Restoration
Get your old driveway looking like new again with a driveway restoration from Roof Paramedics! 
Flat Roofing

Restoration is our business, which is why we have invested

Gutter Guard Installation
Installing gutter guards can help reduce clogs in your gutters. Learn how to install gutter guards.
Gutter Cleaning

Book the service of Gutter Cleaning from Roof Paramedic! With the experience of 7 years. Roof Paramedics is at your service.

Roof Leaking

Some roof leaks are tough to locate. Sometimes the water shows up at a ceiling spot distant from the leak.

Driveway Painting

We provide all forms of the paver, concrete cleaning, colouring and resealing giving your driveway a new and fresh look

Roof Rebedding

Roof Paramedics provides the best value and quality Rebedding and repointing in Adelaide

Roof Painting

You don’t need to pay for a new roof. Roof Paramedics will turn your roof into newer one.

Roof Repointing
Roof pointing and bedding are essentail parts of a roof’s structure and require regular maintenance to ensure your house stays in top condition

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