Roof Painting Services in Adelaide

We Offer the Best Roof Painting Services in Town

We offer the best roof painting services in Adelaide and South Australia using the roof paint restoration coating method.

Roof Paramedics Coatings solely use the simplest product offered by the nation’s high paint makers to color your roof.

Premium product formulation is actinic ray and alkali resistant, and will not chalk, crack or peel from a properly ready surface. nice for Tile, Metal, and Asphalt Shingles.

Premium Roof Paint Benefits

We paint the whole roof system, mortar below your trim, all-metal pipe flashings, birds stop at the overhang and hand paint the trim that adjoins your connective tissue boards.

Roof Paramedics Coatings will match nearly any roof color otherwise you will select a custom color.
We can provide you colour selection chart, after selecting colour of your choice the customer will be responsible.

Our Roof Painting Restoration assurance offers a full 15 years of assurance from the date of application and is transferable to new homeowners for the rest of the assurance. Definitely the best roof painting in Adelaide.

We answer the phone

From 7am-7pm Monday through Saturday. When you call we will answer. Plus we have 24 hour emergency response.

We show up on time

We will set an appointment when you call, and we will arrive when promised.

We stay until the job is complete

We do not start multiple projects, and partially finish them. Your project gets our full attention until it is completed.

Straight Forward pricing

We thoroughly inspect the property in order to include all work necessary in the base price. No surprises.

100% satisfaction

We do not stop until you are happy. Period. (Call for details)

Why Us


Our skilled and dedicated team can handle any issue impacting your roof – large or small. We have designed our entire process around reducing the stress and worry of our customers. When we are hired, we take care of absolutely EVERYTHING regarding your roof repair. From paperwork to the heavy lifting, we make our service as hassle-free as possible.

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