Cement roof restoration
Roof restoration

Cement Roof Restoration

Cement Roof restoration include the sketch of a concrete rooftop tile.

Undertaking a material rebuilding to the concrete rooftop tile of your home when required is a vital necessity for right directing upkeep. The better kept up your rooftop, the less work (and cash) is expected to keep your material working ideally.

At Roof Paramedics we handle the support and fixes of every extraordinary sort of material. We are specialists in figuring out what is required to guarantee that your property is being take care of starting from the top. When leading an appraisal of the rooftop, we will take a gander at the accompanying basic signs that a rooftop needs some TLC.

A Cement Roof tile is an extremely basic rooftop covering material. It is strong and savvy. They are laid as single tiles and after that the edge topping is makes camp utilizing a concrete base. This bond base is then trailed by an adaptable pointing compound. After around ten years, it is very normal for the bond to begin splitting and falling apart. At this stage you will see that concrete sheet material and pointing will drop out in spots, edges moving from their positions and rooftop tiles slipping or working free from corners. This is the point at which you will require a concrete rooftop rebuilding.


First your broke rooftop tiles which may spill are changed. At that point the rooftop is cleaned utilizing no less than 3000 psi of strain to expel soil, grime and greenery develop in anticipation of roof painting.

Your edges, valleys and peaks are then Re-Bedded where any unsteady concrete is available and completely Re-Pointed utilizing an acrylic adaptable pointing compound (according to Australian measures on new rooftops). It is additionally prescribed that we change any rusted valley irons now.

Next up we supplant all your broken tiles. Your roof is blown down and your canals are cleaned.


We at that point prime your roof with an astounding groundwork so the paint will hold fast to the tiles with the most grounded conceivable bond.

We at that point shower 2 to 4 layers of RGL Adhesives acrylic roof paint or other endorsed mark contingent upon the state of the tiles and of our customers decision, while permitting around a hour to dry in the middle of uses.

We at that point invest as much energy as it takes to ensure you and your neighbors properties are left perfect and clean.


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